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Our Work

Welcome.   Scroll below for a little sample of our work here at the EQ Awakenings Centre



Barefoot trimming that gets results.  Healing from founder, navicular, cracks, chips and splits.  There is always a reason and we help you find it and fix it!  

We are available to trim locally as well as at our Hoof Clinic through appointments. 


We are always working to ensure the health of the herd and the land they live on.  This requires changing things up alot.  Moving the horses around, picking the poop, having a dynamic living space which keeps the horses interested in their space and exploring. 

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TLD Teeth Talks 

Teeth talks from TLD 

Ask us for more information or watch our events to attend

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Synergy Saddle fitting: Education/Sales

Helping riders understand the importance of saddle fit, and the dynamic aspects of that, for both horse and rider. 


EQ Awakenings Centre
Priddis, AB 🇨🇦

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