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Equinextion Education Online

Equinextion has been researching, implementing and practicing in equine rehabilitation for well over 2 decades. The results are unequivocal with an amazing success rate that rivals traditional rehabilitation theories. *Your horse is treated with calm care, radiant healing energy from the start, from our heart.* At EQ Awakenings, we awaken and enhance the inner horse and connect it back to it’s innate nature. Not wild but innate, and in doing so activate their own amazing healing powers through their positive mind set. We ‘nurse’ the entire horse, from monitoring vital signs, administering herbal and whole food natural nutrient dosing, implemented modified EQ Yoga techniques, massage, and guided and targeted specific physical conditioning devoted to strengthening the entire body, in a correct carriage way. (cardio, muscles, tendons, ligaments). We also ensure a psychological approach to assure the horse is also ‘happy’ and balanced in the mind and spirit by using an enhanced natural horse keeping model.

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Get the BOOK! 

The best 'clinic in a book' you will find.  Filled with pictures and several ideas thinking outside the box.   EQ System living explored and the facts about the foundational foot of the horse!  Great for all readers of all ages!   

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Educational online courses and classes.   




EQ Internship Summer School 2024

Come and learn about trimming, riding, training ground school and more.  Land management and  ...

All inclusive stay from 2 months to 4 months at  time, at the EQ Centre with meals too!   We would love to host you.  


EQ Awakenings Centre
Priddis, AB 🇨🇦

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