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Hoof Clinic

EQ onsite hoof clinic for haul in trimming.  This option gives us a climate controlled area with rubber mats to trim. 


Students will be learning to hold and clean feet and learning about trimming.  This gives a discounted price to anyone who drives in to the Hoof Clinic. 

Trimming on site is $55 / horse or $65 for larger horses. 

Off site $70  

Additional trims that fall every 3 weeks or 4 weeks maximum are reduced to $40 / horse.  

Maintenance Trimming

Trimming to maintain functional healthy feet.  Maintenance trims are done no longer than 4 weeks between trims.  On site $40   Off site $55 for maintenance trims 3 to 4 weeks apart. 


Respecting the natural shapes

From the book, Make the Connection: Triminlogy 101,  this picture shows the notable differences in the front and hind foot shapes of healthy functioning horses. 

fronts vs hinds.jpg

Trimming with care and attention

We handle your horse with loving care and attention to details. 


EQ Awakenings Centre
Priddis, AB 🇨🇦

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