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Rehab and Retirement Boarding

Retirement/senior and active living for all horses. We ensure all horses have an exercise and diet plan, attention to grooming, trimming, and a dynamic environment in which to live and thrive.  Vitamins, minerals, salts and grass hays with additional other feeds for seniors or those in rehab programs.

The goal of our rehab program is to improve the horse's quality of life.  To alleviate or eliminate pain or discomfort.  To build solid sound feet, fitness and strength through Elevated Horsemanship exercises, boost nutrients and diet through our own proven products. 

On arrival, we assess your horse's health and abilities, then develop a personal care plan that guides rehabilitation. We manage long-term conditions such as navicular, laminitis, and founder with attention to the individual.  

Basic Retirement board starting at $650.00/month. 

Rehabilitation care for chronic or acute conditions such as laminitis, founder, navicular or injuries start at $1150 for the first month, $875 for the following month and to $650 as the horse is stabilized and healing. 

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EQ Awakenings Centre
Priddis, AB 🇨🇦

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